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Welcome to JAIPUR Art Mart and thank you for your interest in our company.Jaipur Art Mart is a leading provider of natural loose gemstones, and wholesale gemstone jewelry on the internet. we strive to provide a unique quality experience online that though exists in other ecommerce segments, is often found to be elusive in the gems and jewellery segment.At jaipur Art Mart, you will find a wide array of natural gemstones - bothprecious stones (like sapphire, emeralds, rubies, natural pearl, etc.) and semi- preciousstones (like amethyst, topaz, malachite, lapise lazuli, etc.) we have 50 different types of gemstone categories online and this number is set increase every month.JAIPUR Art Mart aims to achieve its abjective of providing a unique quality experience online by focusing on certain key values:



Some gemstones are incredibly hard to differentiate with the naked eye, and hence, the gems and jewellery business is infamous for charlatans and dupes, and cases of cheating exist far and wide. At JAIPUR Art Mart , we believe that trust is the biggest price in a trade.Therefore, fair trade is one of our our defining principles. we achieve it by offering a free lab certificate with every gemstone from trusted gem laboratories in the industry. not only our gems but the metals too can stand the test of quality. The gold items come with a hallmark to vouch for its weight and quality promises.


We believe in absolute transparency in our business, and have hence gone to great lengths to list full details of our gemstone, and showcase not just pictures of the actual stones.This transparency allows customers to know exactly what they are getting before their purchase.JAIPUR Art Mart also has a transparent returns and replacement policy to further instill confidence in our customers.


Without Love, life is meaningless, and so is business. we love our customers. we go to great lengths for our loved ones, by trying new initiatives like free worldwide shipping, unparalleled customer support, and more. as a customer of JAIPUR Art Mart, we want you to fall in love with us too. Give us a chance to serve you, we are always just a call away.

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